Tea for Three

This past weekend was May 2-4 here in Canada, which meant loooong weekend! A few of my friends and I had planned to go to the beach, but unfortunately it rained, so we decided to have a tea party instead !

Our spread consisted of:
Tea Sandwiches (light strawberry cream cheese, light cream cheese and cucumber, buffalo chick’n, lettuce and jalapeno havarti, and turkey, lettuce, and marble cheese)
Cheese and Crackers
and of course, M&M’s

We also baked some goodies to eat for dessert, and I will be posting those recipes early next week in order to keep the post relatively short. We made “Hello Dreamy” Cookies, slightly altered from the original recipe that the talented Bridget from Bake at 350 posted two weeks ago, mini champagne cupcakes thanks to Ali at Gimme Some Oven, and des macaron thanks to a bunch of different sources that I will share in that post.

It was a lot of fun, we felt very girly and royal, and we made sure to listen to Adele (who is absolutely FAB) while we ate to set the mood :p. I encourage everyone to have a tea party, it’s a ton of fun :). Cheers !


About louloulemonade

A 21-year old who loves baking, chocolate, Paris, and Starbucks, manages 2 jobs and school, and loves life :)

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